Journey to the Heart of wood species

ZEN Collection


Although 1300 different species share this name, it is mainly Acacia mangium, Acacia auriculiformis and their hybrids that interest cabinetmakers. These varieties are widely grown in Asia thanks to their rapid growth – up to 10 metres in 2 years! This essence offers not only remarkable hardness and longevity, but also a rich color palette revolving around warm honey tones. Can be tinted in a variety of colors such as hazelnut, brown, gray and many others, thus offering a multitude of options to adapt to all styles of decoration.

• Rosewood (sheesham)

Sheesham is a very hard wood with a velvety texture, whose irregular grain draws recognizable waves. It features reflections of copper and bronze, with gold veins from the young sap wood. Its robustness and density make it a material of choice for the manufacture of furniture and sculptures. At Corcoran, we offer a selection of rosewood (sheesham) furniture in two distinct shades: natural and grey sheesham, offering our customers the opportunity to choose the finish that perfectly matches their preferred style and aesthetics.

• Mango wood

The mango tree is a majestic tree appreciated for its rapid growth and its ability to produce high quality wood. With a natural color ranging from golden blond to dark brown, mango wood has a wealth of nuances that gives it a natural and warm beauty, ideal for various styles of decoration. Its durability and resistance make it a reliable choice no matter the piece of furniture.


NATURE Collection

• Southeast Asian Acacia

The Southeast Asian acacia is an exceptional material used in the manufacture of high-end furniture. It is distinguished by its rich color ranging from light brown to dark brown, with distinctive veins and natural patterns that add a touch of authenticity to each room. Its smooth texture and fine grain make it a pleasant material to work with for cabinetmakers, while its robustness and durability make it a popular choice for making furniture that lasts over time.

• Central America Parota

Parota wood, an exotic species also known as Guanacaste, is a captivating option in the world of top quality furniture. Native to the tropical regions of Central America, it impresses with its dynamic colour palette and distinctive natural patterns. Whether for its mesmerizing color palette, exceptional durability or exotic charm, Parota wood offers a unique experience that meets the high standards of quality and sophistication that our customers expect from us at Corcoran.

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