ZEN Collection

Pieces of furniture manufactured from solid wooden planks

The ZEN collection features wooden plank furniture. This assembly of solid wooden planks is very stable and sturdy. Depending of the product, the thickness of the planks varies between 1'' and 2.25'' and the lenght between 48'' and 120''.  A high quality finish who enhances the exotic wood is applied. This collection offers top quality products at a lower price.
It’s not easy to find the perfect table for your dining room, is it? Have it made to measure! Corcoran allows you to customize your piece of furniture by putting its elements together to your taste. Choose a table top of the size, material and style that suit you. Acacia, mango tree or Indian rosewood? Straight or natural cut (live edge)? Add a base from the available numerous models. And there you go, a table that you’ll never see anywhere else!