Difference between ZEN collection and NATURE collection

At Corcoran, we are proud to offer you a selection of premium solid wood furniture. Today, we want to enlighten you on the differences between our two main collections: the ZEN Collection and the NATURE Collection.

The furniture of the ZEN Collection is the result of an assembly of solid wood boards. Made abroad and imported by Corcoran, these pieces stand out for their elegance and variety. Mainly composed of three species of wood, you will find in this collection:

  • Acacia, available in several shades to adapt to all styles.
  • Rosewood, also known as sheesham, comes in two finishes: natural and grey.
  • Mango wood, bringing a touch of originality to your interior.


Our NATURE Collection tables are designed from whole tree slabs. Made entirely in our premises in Quebec City, these unique pieces highlight the natural beauty of wood. The main species used in this collection are:

  • The Southeast Asian acacia.
  • The Parota of Central America.

We import the boards in their raw state and perform several steps to create these exceptional tables: drying, planing, epoxy application, sanding and finishing. We will detail this process in a future newsletter.

By choosing between our ZEN and NATURE collections, you opt for unique styles and superior materials, guaranteeing the beauty and durability of your furniture for years to come.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to know more about our collections.

Sincerly yours,

The Corcoran team


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