Discover our table bases at Corcoran!

Discover our table bases at Corcoran!

Corcoran offers a variety of table base styles to suit all tastes, whether for our dining tables or accent tables. Dive into this article and discover more about our table legs!

For some of our products, feet are included, while for others, they are sold separately.

In which cases, can we not choose the feet?

For all our tops with a thickness of 1 inch and/or with a frame border, it is not possible to choose the feet. The base you see in the product photo is the only one that can be installed. You will see the mention "base included" next to the SKU of the products concerned on the product pages.

In which cases, can the feet be chosen?

For all our tops with a thickness of 1.5 inches and more, it is possible to change the feet. You will see “Table top Only” next to the SKU of the affected products on the product pages.

For each product, we have created a technical sheet indicating the feet compatible with the top in question, a sketch with the dimensions and the thickness of the top. The guide can be found in the photos of each product on the product page.

Here are 2 examples: ZEN-13-BL and ZEN-72-SH.

ZEN-13-BL: Example of data sheet

ZEN-72-SH: Example of data sheet

Quality and Sustainability:

Our feet are mainly made of black metal or stainless steel. Black metal feet are all “powder coated”, a process that involves:

1. Cleaning the metal surface.

2. Sandblasting to remove existing paint layers, rust and other impurities, thus ensuring a clean, rough surface for better adhesion of the coating (often called sandblasting).

3. Application of the powder.

4. Baking: powder-coated parts are placed in a baking oven and heated to melt and harden the powder, forming a solid coating.

5. Cooling and inspection. This ensures quality legs that will last as long as our table tops!

Ease of installation:

Each pair of legs comes with the hardware needed for installation. You’ll find the screws, washers and Allen key. Simply screw the feet into the pre-drilled trays. The set installs quickly and hassle-free!

Feel free to explore our range and discover how our table legs can add a touch of elegance and functionality to any decor.

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